About shadowcaste

Discover the story behind the music.

It all started years ago

In 2017, after wrapping up work with the band Minds of One, Ron and Jon got together once again to forge some musical creativity.

Around the same time, Jon and Dave (Tangent, Vinyl Groove, Deep Cover) rekindled their friendship over their shared love of good red wine, a great steak and the band Toto.

One day, on a trip to see Toto, Jon mentioned to Dave that he and Ron were collaborating. Dave expressed his interest in adding his talents and the three long time friends got to work.

Song ideas formed and the trio soon realized they needed a singer to complete the project.

Who better to convince but Sean (Tangent, Vinyl Groove), a very talented singer, partner with Dave in previous bands and a mutual friend of all three.

then things got serious

With Sean on board, Camp Meeting Studios came alive with fresh ideas, great singing and lush vocal tracks from he and Dave.

Combined with Ron’s lyric writing prowness and bass chops, Dave’s blistering guitar tracks and Jon’s dynamic drum beats, the beast had been released.

At the end of the recording sessions, two songs passed muster and were ready to be mixed and mastered.

Jon’s recording engineering had proved to be successful and the tracks were turned over to Mike Stiskal for final mixing and mastering.

The songs came back sounding great and were ready to be released to the world.

ready for your ears

The song “Heartbeat” depicts a brave soldier struggling to break free from PTSD.

Listen closely to the bass and drums in this song. Can you hear the heartbeat?

“Dark Highway” is our sonic feast for your ears.

Put your headphones on or earbuds in for this one to get the full effect.

All of us are proud of what we accomplished with these songs and we hope you like what we’ve produced.



Heartbeat depicts a brave soldier struggling to break free from PTSD.

Will our hero succumb to his silent screams or will his demons fade from view?

dark highway

A sonic feast for the ears, this song is about a man struggling with a relationship. He’s tired of playing games, but vows to stay on the Dark Highway of love until the lights go out.

Heartbeat & Dark Highway © Shadowcaste (ASCAP). All rights reserved.